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Frequently Asked Questions

Some words seem to be missing in my word cloud, what can I do to make those words visible?
In order to make more words visible in your word cloud, use the big slider just above the cloud image and move it to the left.
How can I create a word cloud without a specific shape, that fills the entire available space?
From the Shape menu, select the first option: .
How do I get a transparent background behind my word cloud?
In the menu bar, click Colors, then Background → Color. Move the opacity-slider (right) all the way down, then click Apply.
Save the word cloud as a PNG image (the JPG file format does not support transparency).
What happens to documents I upload to
We store your document for less than a second, only to be able to extract and count the words in it. When this is done, your document is immediately removed from our server.
Can I make a high resolution (HD) word cloud image?
Yes you can. Create a wordcloud as usual, then click File » Saveas image (HD).
How do I change the font or font size?
You can select a font by clicking the Font button. Use the big slider to increase or decrease the font size. The and buttons allow for adjusting the font size in small increments.
How do I change the gaps between words?
Use the Gap size pulldown menu.
How do I make the words fill a particular shape?
We have several shapes like square, circle, triangle, star and heart. Click on Shape to select your desired shape.
How do I change the direction of the words?
We have 12 different options on how words are placed in the shape, from all vertical to all horizontal, or mixed. Click to select one.
How do I change the colors of a word cloud?
You can select a theme from our selection of themes with the Theme dropdown, or customize the cloud completely with your own colors by using the Colors dropdown.
Can I add links to the words?
Yes, you can. In the word list you can enter a URL after each word. That word then becomes clickable and points to the given URL. You can download the result as a HTML image map, via File -> Save as PNG/JPG + ImageMap. If you open the HTML file, the words in the word cloud will be clickable.
Can I edit the words list after uploading a document?
Yes you can, click on Words list to edit the words or the frequency.
What MS Office documents can I upload to generate word clouds?
We support the following MS Office document types: .doc, .docx, .ppt, .pptx.
How can I use OpenOffice or LibreOffice documents?
Use the option to export your document to PDF and upload the PDF.
How do I enter the words and frequency for my own word cloud?
We have several options: you can upload an office document or PDF, open an URL, Paste Text (via the File dropdown) or Edit the Words list.
How can I save a resulting word cloud?
You can save your word cloud as image (JPG or PNG) or save it online and share it, for instance on Facebook or Twitter.
Can I create a custom size word cloud?
Yes you can, we have some predefined sizes (via the File dropdown), but you also can select a custom size by entering width x height: for example 1000x1000. The maximum width and height is 5000px.
Can I have a custom background for my word cloud?
Yes, you can upload your own background image. Click on Colors, then Image (just below Background).
Why do some (stop)words from a document not appear?
We automatically remove stop words: frequently-used, but unimportant words, such as the, and, or or.
If you want these words drawn, uncheck Ignore stop words in the File menu.
How can I make a word bigger?
The size of a word in the visualization is proportional to the number of times the word appears in the input text. In the words list you will see the frequency just before a word. Edit the words list and increase the frequency to make a word bigger.
Are there any restrictions on using my word clouds?
The word cloud images you create are yours to use any way you see fit. Feel free however to give credit to and spread the word! You are even allowed to use the generated word clouds commercially.
Can I embed or get the complete code?
No. It is not allowed to copy or redistribute our word cloud generator in any way. However the core of is open source:
On what devices can I use can be used with any modern browser on PC, Mac, Tablet or Smartphone.